and Additional Rules of Law

Nipawin - February 10, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous"


--Publius Cornelius Tacitus(1)


broke his

It was last October that I came across the term "Tobinism" succinctly defined by Pierre
Bourque as the art of our politicians to speak out and lie to the listeners(2). At that time,
Brian Tobin broke his promise to serve as the premier of Newfoundland and entered
federal politics after being invited by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.




Today, we have another display of Tobinism by Industry Minister Brian Tobin as Ethics
Counsellor Howard Wilson has been proposing additional Rules of Law related to the
ethics guidelines of our ministers(3). Wilson's proposed additional ethical rules have been
prompted as a consequence of Jean Chrétien's alleged impropriety in arranging a federal
loan for his criminal friend Yvone Duhaime(4), owner of the near bankrupt Grand-Mère Inn.



of interest

Jean Chrétien's improprieties for arranging this loan have been raised in Parliament by the
Opposition, and the matter of the timing of the sale of Chrétien's golf shares has surfaced
all over again to haunt the Prime Minister. The golf course is adjacent to the Grand-Mère Inn,
in Chrétien's hometown of Shawinigan, and the Opposition has been charging the Prime
Minister of being in conflict of interest when he personally participated to the arranging of
the above loan since at that time Jean Chrétien still owned share of the golf course.



no trusteeship

But Brian Tobin has come to the defense of the Prime Minister saying that Jean Chrétien
didn't know he owned the golf shares because such shares were kept in a blind trust.
Howard Wilson has then responded that Brian Tobin was not correct and that there was
no such a blind trust. Subsequently, Tobin corrected himself saying that the golf shares
were not placed in a blind trust because they were sold before Mr. Chrétien became Prime
Minister. Again, Mr. Wilson had to correct Mr. Tobin and said there was no trusteeship of
any kind involved.




The morale of the story is that we try to fight the Tobinism of our politicians with additional
Rules of Law, and in the process we lose our freedom, and as we lose our freedom so our
politicians arrange for more additional Rules of Law. It's a vicious circle. When are we
going to break it?
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