We must stop playing the politics
of free market, statism (and socialism)

Nipawin - February 18, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

and social

Yesterday I read the article "Oh Canada(1)" by Adam Young and I found it extremely
interesting in pointing out Canada's economic and social failures over the last thirty years.
Young is quite right in identifying our social and economic decadence and in this respect
he refers to three decades ago when Canada was second only to the United States among
the G7(2) economies in per-capita income. Now Canada is 18th amongst the 27-member
OECD--behind Italy and even Ireland(3).



UN love
for Canada

Young goes on to say how ridiculous the United Nations (UN) is in proclaiming Canada,
year after year, "The best Place In The World To Live" and concludes that this complimentary
periodic remarks reflect the UN love for Canada because the two so resemble each other in
support of every left-wing issue that comes along, but also perhaps because the UN is an
avowed opponent of the free market, and statism appears to be secure in Canada for the
foreseeable future.




It is here that I fundamentally disagree with Young. Again and again our political and
economic lobbying agencies play the dichotomy of a "free market" versus "statism" (and
socialism). Free market being an economy free from governmental intervention, and statism
being a kind of paternalistic and elitist economy.



no such
a thing

There is no such a thing as a "free market" economy, and yes there is statism, and our
Canadian statism has eroded the social and economic texture of Canada and this state of
affairs has been recently well portrayed by the Auditor General of Canada(4).




As I am concerned, what is very important in recognizing the social and economic strength of
a society is its entrepreneurship in releasing the creativity of people so that wealth can be
created and sustained for all the people. This entrepreneurship is not intrinsically dependent
on the degree of governmental intervention as measured by the level of people's taxation or
governmental intervention(5).




Therefore, we must stop playing the politics of free market, statism (and socialism). This kind
of politics is intrinsically divisive and we should just play the politics of individual and collective
entrepreneurship, yes such entrepreneurship coexist if we can only learn to see beyond our own
backyard, and ensure that we have governments of, by, and for the people.
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