Nipawin - February 19, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


One secret of conventional commerce(1) is to play with everybody else's money and make
money at the expense of others. In so doing, conventional commerce emphasizes the
economic gimmicks of property rights, free contracts and market prices to circumvent the
breaking of people's rights(2).




Today, we discover how our Stockwell Day, leader of the Canadian Alliance, has been
greasing his political support by taking money away from Albertan taxpayers and increase
the GDP in the process.




We recall that Stockwell Day settled his bigoted defamation litigation with Red Deer lawyer
Lorne Goddard at a total cost of taxpayer money of about $800,000 including a payment of
$500,000 to Stockwell Day's lawyers(3). Today, we understand that six days after Mr. Day
settled this litigation, the Canadian Alliance received a $70,000 donation from the same
lawyers who received the $500,000 compensation for defending Mr. Day(4).



time for

This is the measure of smartness of our leadership, making money out of somebody else's
money and break our people's rights. Do we need this kind of leadership across the
political and business spectrum? I hope not, and it is time for change.
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