Nipawin - February 28, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


After leading the country through one of the worst ever economic downturn marred by a
secretive and corrupt governmental administration(1), Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is sliding
faster than ever towards the bottom of his slippery slope: democracy in accordance to Jean
Chrétien. This is the way Ralph Nader describes the slippery slope:

and accept

"Justice is a seamless web and so is injustice. Gets to be
contagious. They figure you accept this, then you will accept that.
If you accept that, you will accept this, and it becomes a slippery
slope, and the real question is what will you accept? In a
democracy, the answer is yours, and your answer we all respect
and accept(2)."




But we don't have a democracy anymore and Jean Chrétien's hasn't reached the bottom of
his slippery slope yet. So as Jean Chrétien has been cleared of any wrongdoing with the
Auberge Grand-Mere's loan affair so his government is taking revenge against Francois
Beaudoin, former president of the Business Development Bank of Canada.




Francois Beaudoin sued the bank in October 1999 alleging that he was forced out of his
position when he suggested the foreclosure of a loan owned by a friend of Jean Chrétien.
In December 2000 the bank filed a countersuit claiming that Beaudoin misappropriated bank
money for personal use, and now a federally commissioned audit conducted by KPMG has
concluded that Beaudoin charged $159,000 in personal expenses to the bank including his



what goes

Chrétien's slippery slope is taking a personal mode and we don't know if it will go beyond
Beaudoin's underwear; but, we also know that what goes around comes around, and it is just
a matter of time.
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