Nipawin - March 8, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

tell off

David Asper has taken an unusual stand in defending Prime Minister Jean Chrétien from
Conservative Leader Joe Clark's accusations of Jean Chrétien's improper conduct in the
Auberge Grand-Mère's affair and from the related charges and coverage by the media and
journalists. I say unusual because David Asper used his family's media business CanWest
Global(1) to tell off his own media people.



put up
shut up

I am happy to realize that if David Asper owns the newspapers, he doesn't own the
journalists' thoughts. David Asper says that Jean Chrétien has been cleared of any wrong
doing by both the Ethics Counsellor Howard Wilson and the RCMP, and says it is time
that Joe Clark and the media put up or shut up, and let the Prime Minister concentrate in
matters of national interest(2).




We must remind our readers that Jean Chrétien has been responsible for Canada's worst
economic performance among the many OECD countries(3), and that his outrageous
management has been condemned by the Auditor General of Canada Denis Desautels,
and by the Information Commissioner John Reid. Therefore, I congratulate the work of
Joe Clark in trying to restore democracy in our governance, and I congratulate the work
of our journalists in describing the misdeeds of the Prime Minister and of his criminal



$350 million

David Asper did commendable work in defending David Milgaard(4), and in this respect
he found out that David Milgaard was convicted because of the criminal and unpunishable
activity of the police and of the Crown prosecution. Now David Asper is telling us that we
have to believe the Prime Minister, the Ethics Counsellor and the RCMP rather than find
out what is wrong with our Prime Minister, the Ethics Counsellor, and the RCMP. Maybe,
David Asper should put up and shut up with the good work of Joe Clark and our journalists,
and concentrate his attention in the $350 million lawsuit launched against his business of
national interest(5).
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