Nipawin - April 14, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I have been reflecting on my last article on Ken Fyke's prescriptions, and today I realize how deceptive these prescriptions are in obscuring the causes of our health care crisis, that is our decadent and ossified leadership.




Fyke has stated that more money in the system will not cure health care, and this is contrary to all the previous statements maintained by former premier Roy Romanow. The irony of our social decadent predicament is that today we have Roy Romanow leading a $15 million Royal Commission on health care. So while no more money is going to go for direct patient care, more money is going to go for Roy Romanow's retirement plan to lead another commission.




Ken Fyke acknowledges that health care is grossly mismanaged and that we need to focus on quality rather than quantity; and in this respect he states that we could be saving some 35% of our health care expenditures if we could improve the quality of our system. How does Fyke improve our quality in health care?




Fyke improves our quality not in addressing the direct consequences of the present mismanagement but in reorganizing and downsizing the system at the approximate cost of $100 million. Therefore, the possible consequences of the implementation of Fyke's prescriptions would be, more downsizing, more mismanagement, and more misspending in health care.
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