Nipawin - Thursday, August 2, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


As we have explained in our previous articles, our economic and social system is hegemonic, that is by putting the dollar sign before people's lives, our social system has turned upside down the cultural and traditional value binding communities.




The law of economics are an invention of our demented Darwinists, and their supreme Law of Demand and Supply can explain for instance that with lower wheat prices there would be less wheat production and more people starving, but the supreme Law of Demand and Supply cannot explain why having millions of fax machines dispersed around the world is more worth than to have only one machine in the world!




Kevin Kelly explains that in the new network economy
"value explodes exponentially with membership, while this value explosion sucks in yet more members. The virtuous circle inflates until all potential members are joined."


Kevin Kelly cites the successful examples of Microsoft and FedEx, but he forgot to mention that there is an eventual collapse after any explosion. So on one hand we have the Law of demand and Supply, on the other hand we have the Law of Network Economy, and as we combine these economic laws we have the new law of the On the Other Hand Economics, a new science where in the name of money we cheat each other and create different social and economic laws to support our greedy interests at the expense of people at large.



Via Rail

Today I learn that Jean Chretien's friend Jean Pelletier has been appointed to be the next Chair of Via Rail, a position which pays


"pays close to half a million dollars per year and is loaded with perks for the incumbent, not the least of which is his own private rail car staffed with personal valet."


Jean Chretien's friend Andre Ouellet was appointed Chair and President of Canada Post at a pay close to one million dollars along with a myriad of perks. Then we have Chretien's personal adviser Mitchell Sharp being paid one dollar per year by the Prime Minister's Office while his patriotic wife Jeanne d'Arc Sharp wants to expunge the 'sons' from the national anthem O Canada.



is last

Today, I also learn that Canada is last among the Group of Seven industrialized countries in terms of competitiveness. I am confused as of which economic law Jean Chretien is abiding to: The Law of Supply and Demand? The Law of Network Economy? The Law of On the Other Hand Economics? Or The Law of Network of Friends?


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