Nipawin - Sunday, August 12, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I remember how outraged I was when I heard that the University of Saskatchewan was contemplating the set up of new student faculty fees correlated to the expected income the students would be making after graduation.




Our rational researchers are experts in the manipulation of numbers and they take any opportunity to show their prowess. Sometime ago they showed us how smoking would save the Czech Republic hundreds of millions of dollars a year in health care, pensions and housing costs.




Today we have Laura Jones, director of the Fraser Institute for Environment and Regulatory Studies, who is telling us that our libertine provincial and federal governments have been producing on average 4,700 regulations per year at an average cost of $103 billion per year, yet she adds that these governments don't account for the cost of these regulations. Laura Jones feels that these regulations impose undue costs to businesses and consumers and therefore she goes even into the details of showing the number of regulations and their average number of pages broken down by province and by year.



expensive advices

Yesterday we showed the importance of social capital (the virtues of being good citizens) as a prerequisite for economic development, and we now have the Fraser Institute preaching a lower number of governmental regulations for economic development and a lower number of related pages for saving printing cost. And you, reader, please let me know if we wouldn't be better off without the expensive advices of these economic experts who see in their numbers the solutions to our productivity growth!


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