Nipawin - Friday, August 17, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

textured corruption

It was yesterday that I pointed out the hypocrisy of our patriot Roy Romanow who after downsizing health care and the people of Saskatchewan is poised to provide his friend Prime Minister Jean Chretien with further advices to downsize health care across Canada. We also commented how our politicians and their corporate friends have been working for a divided society on behalf of the few and privileged. The textured corruption of our political and economic environment couldn't have occurred without the assistance of our justice system.




This is obvious, in a real world where money comes before people, the justice system has adapted itself to this new reality and it works now for corporate and governmental agencies rather than for the people.




This new reality of a corrupted justice system has been highlighted by Bob McKercher, a Saskatoon lawyer, who while attending the meeting of the Canadian Bar Association in Saskatoon has stated
"Ethics have really become a moving target of escalating issues driven by technology and new business practices."
McKercher said the moving target may be reflected in the number of complaints against lawyers to law societies. McKercher pointed out that 10% to 15% of Saskatchewan's lawyers faced complaints in 2000 and added
"It's kind of a scary and it seems to be a growing trend."

apologize publicly

Mr. McKercher must know first hand how well his law firm accommodates his ethics to protect his governmental and corporate friends. In fact, it was Mr. McKercher's firm which threatened me and asked me to apologize publicly for my statements in regard to the corruption taking place at the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO).


Yes, we live in a society where ethics has become a moving target of escalating issues. The justice system is part of this moving target as it serves governmental and corporate agencies rather than the people.
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