Nipawin - Sunday, September 30, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We live in a confusing world and we must discern our social problems and our priorities in solving these problems. This confusing world is the result of our artificial language which has become disassociated from our natural languaging to cooperate and become more intelligent.




I heard first from Timothy Shire, publisher of Ensign, that our academic institutions had become training centres for corporations rather than centres of learning. At one time all of the academic fields were interrelated and under the umbrella of philosophy that is the pursuit of knowledge, and now we have disintegrated the pursuit of knowledge under the myriads of specializations.




Here in Saskatchewan, the carrying on of this fragmentary approach to knowledge and the subservience to the corporations' vision to make money was highlighted when the University of Saskatchewan proposed one year ago an overall increase of students' fees along a proposed scheme to have students fees statistically correlated to the different 'training specializations' and to the related statistical expected earnings after graduation.




Our Big Brains at the universities are paid not for providing a leadership role for shaping a better and more intelligent world, our Big Brains at the universities are paid to provide a subservient role to the business world. In this respect, I remember when in the late 80s I designed a microcomputer business applications program for the Saskatchewan health care environment and business community at large only to be told by Patricia Fleming of the University of Regina that the business community didn't want such programs.




Our corporations have assumed a too big role over our society and their influences in directing our educational system into more specialized training programs will further widen the gap between the wants of corporations to make money and the need of society to become more civil and intelligent.


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