Results of delegating democracy to the experts:
Destroying nature and waging wars

Nipawin - Sunday, October 14, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


'Capitalism is not only efficient and practical, but also moral... I like eating peanuts. You keep doing it, keep doing it, and you never get tired, because the future is always, ultimately, unknowable.'
Alan Greenspan


Smart bombs, new technologies, and our economic efforts to control and dominate nature are all human failures in the absence of democracy. Smart bombs don't hit the targets necessarily, new technologies don't prevent terror attacks and don't feed the world necessarily either, and our economic efforts have engulfed the bridge between the rich and the poor.




We cannot predict our future and we cannot be absolutely sure of anything. But we are sure we can have the choice to build a better future for us all, and this means taking back our responsibilities which have been delegated to our experts.




I don't buy the experts' advice to continue living our lives as usual while these same experts look after our security and further restrict our individual and social intelligence. We have military experts at the White House who want to extend the war against terrorism and these same experts are telling us that the anthrax scare has originated in Iraq. We cannot have all the secretive and logical facts to let the military experts make their own predictions for their own sake.





There are no predictions to make beyond the understanding that we cannot colonize anymore any people of any country. We let the experts of this world run our lives and now they want us to go to war all over the world. Let us take back our responsibilities from these experts and let us work for a better world and democracy rather than destroy nature and wage wars.

It is comforting to know that Saskatchewan organic farmers have launched a lawsuit against developers of genetically-modified crops, and that the Nobel Prize for Peace recognizes the United Nations as the only negotiable route to global peace and cooperation.


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