Pushing Bush's Agenda using the War against Terrorism:
Weakening people and Strengthening Oligarchy

Nipawin -Sunday, November 18, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


"a president of the United States [George W. Bush Jr] has just assumed what amounts to dictatorial power"--William Safire, Journalist




We must always remember that democracy means working together for the benefit of both individuals and society at large. Democracy is incompatible with revolutions, but certainly as economics is concerned, democracy means to recognize where we are at now, and look for the economic changes in order to achieve the best leverage for sustaining the social and economic growth of all the people.




We must never ever ignore the economic and social conditions of a country and apply for instance, the same economic gospel for all: privatization, free market, and smaller governments with the exception of the public sectors of defense and security. Now we must understand that the U.S. post September 11 economic growth is being driven by tax cuts for the rich along with further spending in defense and homeland security.




In the last half century we had the ghost of communism, and now we have created the ghost of the war against terrorism. The war against terrorism is furthering the loss of democracy as citizenship is being replaced by patriotism, freedom is being replaced by security, peace is being replaced by war, human rights are being replaced by rule based corporate rights, human creativity is being replaced by intellectual property rights, justice is being delivered with military tribunals, openness is being replaced by secrecy, and the social well being of people is being replaced by the well being of transnational corporations. In the end, the military, the government, the financial system and the media all converge on behalf of the new world order: the oligarchy of transnational corporations.


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