Multinational Bankrupt Enron:
an example of colonization, greed, fraud, corruption, and gambling

Nipawin - Friday, November 30, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


"Every day we strive to make markets in other industries... Our passion has enabled us to manage weather risk"--A Mission of The Enron Corporation



profit of
6 billion
35 million

We know that the California's energy crisis was man made by the energy cartel and as a consequence Enron was able to reap the benefit of this deception with $377 million profit for the last quarter of 2000. We also know that with the help of the US embassy and the CIA, Enron was able to make the biggest ever globalized private deal with the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) in India to supply electricity and build an energy plant. In this deal, Enron was supposed to make 6 billion profits out of a 35 billion project, while at the same time quadrupling the state's electricity bill.


  George Bush James Baker Robert Mosbacher George W. Bush


So it is with my pleasure that I hear that this big multinational corporation could be heading through the biggest US bankruptcy proceedings as it is unable to pay its debts. Enron's world wide expansion began in 1993 when former President George Bush along with his former Secretary of State James Baker, former Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher and retired Lt. General Thomas Kelly began their consulting work for the multinational and helped Enron to secure contracts and rebuild energy plants destroyed during Bush's Persian Gulf War. Further international energy contracts were secured in Brazil, the Dominic Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, India, Bolivia, Colombia, Philippines, Guam, Turkey, Chile and Argentina. All these contracts were reached through the diplomatic business style of the Bush's family as illustrated by the Argentine Minister of Public Works when he stated that then Governor W. George Bush2 intervention in securing the Enron's contract to build a pipeline from Argentina to Chile amounted to influence peddling.




Over the years, Enron moved away from being an exclusive energy company and entered the deregulated energy market to become an investment bank, that is Enron has been buying and selling natural gas and using the new scientific financial tool of derivatives to hedge its bets and steal from people. Enron's corporate responsibilities towards its employees was expressed by Jeffrey Skilling, president of Enron, when at an industry conference in 1997 he said:

cut costs

"You must cut costs ruthlessly by 50 to 60 percent. Depopulate. Get rid of people. They gum up the works."


nron has been the biggest corporate donor for the past George W. Bush2 presidential campaign. Also, Enron's CEO Kenneth Lay has been a long-time Bush family friend and an architect of Bush' s policies on electricity deregulation, taxes and tort reform while Bush was Texas governor. This is why Bush's economic gospel of governmental deregulations or privatization, tax cuts or corporate welfare, and tort reform, or No-Fault for corporations and their controlled governments, are now being globalized all over the world for the benefits of all big corporations and at the expense of all people's lives. Kenneth Lay is now President Bush2's top energy advisor for the planned tapping of the Arctic Oil, for the US energy program and for the international deregulation of the energy industry. God save us all!



$600 million

Enron's problems began when last October 2001 it was discovered that its balance sheets were reporting mysterious charges and when later Enron admitted that profits between 1997 and 2001 were $600 million lower than had been claimed.




So the myth of Corporate Globalization is replaced with a new form of colonization, the myth of corporate citizenship is replaced with corporate greed, the myth of corporate and personal integrity is replaced with fraud, the myth of patriotism is replaced with political corruption, and the myth of deregulation is replaced with the gambling of people's lives in the Free Market.
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