Washington Post Journalist Richard Cohen:
Free Market, Enron and the President's Friends

Nipawin - Tuesday, December 4, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


It was only few days ago that I raised the suspicion that the gospel of the Free Market, a creation of the Chicago School of Economics, could be the greatest conspiracy of all the times as big corporations and their sponsored governments are setting the basis of a new world order: the Free Market. As the saying goes, the biggest the conspiracy and the more difficult is to prosecute it.




Today, to reinforce the dubious legitimacy of the Free Market, we have Washington Post journalist Richard Cohen expressing his contempt for the brainwashing Free Market language we use as the Enron Corporation has filed for bankruptcy. Richard Cohen dreams to have a discussion with his long-dead immigrant grandfather over this corporation's bankruptcy and while he portrays himself as a polished modern journalist he portrays his grandfather as a working man. This is the synopses of Richard Cohen's dream:

con men

Cohen affirms that Enron was led by upstanding and innovative people who were even friends of President George Bush Junior, but his grandfather responds that these Enron's people are a bunch of con men.



to late

Cohen affirms that Enron will be investigated by the SEC commission and that the market will correct itself, but his grandfather responds that the workers will be out of a job and they will have no money since their retirement savings were invested in Enron's share.


Cohen says that there will be more experts who will fix everything, but his grandfather says
"You only need to use your common sense. Use your heart. The bosses exploited the workers. Maybe they should be tried by military tribunal."
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