The White House is secretive and on the wrong path:
More problems at home and abroad?

Nipawin - Monday, February 11, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


There is a trend in this new world Order I don't like. There is $1.1 billion plan by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which is calling for a governmental surveillance systems in every state so that the government will have access to all medical records of all people.


Whenever we consider the Bush's undeclared never ending war against terrorism, Bush's secrecy in not releasing his father's presidential documents, Bush's secrecy in not releasing his own documents while governor of Texas, Bush's unwillingness to investigate the failures of the US intelligence system leading to the 9-11 attack, Bush's unwillingness to release documentation pertaining to the US National energy program, Bush's unwillingness to call for a special prosecutor to investigate the political and economic implications of the collapse of Enron Corporation, I am prompted more than ever to give credence to this statement by professor Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa (CovertAction, Fall 1996):


"Global crime has become an integral part of an economic system, with far reaching social, economic and geopolitical ramifications . . . the relationship among criminals, politicians, and members of the intelligence establishment has tainted the structures of the state and the role of its institutions . . . this system of global trade and finance has fostered an unprecedented accumulation of private wealth alongside the impoverishment of large sectors of the world population, and the prospects for change are dim. Meanwhile, the international community turns a blind eye until some scandal momentarily breaks through the gilded surface."




There is mounting evidence that all this war on terrorism has been centered on the US's control of oil in Central Asia and on the construction of a pipeline going through Afghanistan and Pakistan. As a consequence, the US foreign policies are being challenged and we have the latest news that the European Union is contemplating an immediate declaration of an independent state of Palestine.




The White House is on the wrong path for contributing to a world peace and it is on a Bush's just cause path for establishing a world of tyranny and terror.


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