Original photograph by John Chartier, of unmaned Predator,
imaged modified to include wing hardpoints as now in service


Smart CIA-drones launch missiles and kill people

Nipawin - Tuesday, February 12, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


What is happening with the media, with eaders, with supreme commanders of the US armed forces? I don't know, but what is certain is that the world is not only different because we all have different perceptions, it is getting different because of outright loss of our own common good.


I just finished to write an article on our puffed up leadership and now I read two different stories about a smart missile strike launched by a smart CIA-drone last week in Eastern Afghanistan. We all know that the US military doesn't want journalists with them, as they think that journalists would hinder the war against terrorism; but as I refer to the above mentioned two radically different stories for the same event, I am acquiring the understanding that the military doesn't want journalists with them so that they can carry on with their own narrow focused surgical and military solutions.




Now pay attention to this. CNN reports that last week Monday strike in Zawar Kili in eastern Afghanistan could have killed top al Queda officials and that Maj. A.C. Roper has stating that military has been collecting what they call 'evidence' (vulgarly body parts) for DNA testing to ascertain if Osama bin Laden has been killed in the strike.




Now listen to this other story. Washington Post foreign correspondent Doug Struck reports that he reached the remote scene of the attack and that he was held at gunpoint by US soldiers and prevented from entering the site. Also, Struck reports that a local villager named Zawar Khan told him that three people were killed by smart missiles launched by the smart CIA-drone. Khan said
"The three were cut in half. They were just poor people trying to get money to feed their families."
In the meantime, Struck reports that US soldiers are spreading good will in the region as they recruit local fighters at $50 a piece to help smart CIA-drones to launch more precise strikes against other local fighters.


I ask again, what is happening with the media, with leaders, with supreme commanders of the US armed forces? Is $50 enough to pay each local fighter to kill more local fighters with ever smarter CIA-drones and have peace in Afghanistan?
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