President Bush signs tax cut bill and Senator John Kerry is accused of limp patriotism

The Rightist Bushists are Wrong and the Leftist Democrats may be Right

Nipawin - Sunday, March 17, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"The paths of glory lead but to the grave."

Thomas Gray (British poet, 1716#1771)



"Rip Their Lungs Out" by William Rivers Pitt is a great article and it mentions the hypocrisy of the American rightist Bushists who are waging an all out war against terrorism and branding anybody daring to ask questions as a traitor. Senator John Kerry served in Vietnam and remained scarred out of this odyssey, and yet when he began questioning the progression of the war against terrorism he was told to be unpatriotic by the rightist Bushists. These rightist Bushists let the American soldiers go to war while they themselves evaded military duties. In fact, George W. Bush, Dick Armey, Dick Cheney, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Phil Gramm, Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle, Trent Lott, Pat Robertson, Ken Starr and George Will all managed to evade military duty.




So as America and the world are wrapped up with an ideological war between being rightist and being leftist, I refuse to bring myself up and say I am leftist or something else. Think about these bushy conservatives who are supposed to be right while they are really so wrong. Think about the common understanding of what is right and wrong, and think about the possible confusion we encounter everyday in distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong and the possible association of wrong with left. If I think about the word LEFT then that reminds me of the Italian word SINISTRA which in English translates as sinister as well as left.




Corporations have taken over governments, corporations are changing our languaging as they appropriate the common language and invent copyrights and trade marks, and our political discourse has been contaminated with the wrong language of whoever is right and whoever is left. While there is nothing wrong with the term left, this term has been associated with sinister. While there is lots to be ashamed in being a rightist Bushist, this term has been associated with whatever is good and Christian.

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There is no higher moral ground to be a Rightist rather than a Leftist as we should intelligently navigate in uncertain waters and in the same boat.
  Rip Their Lungs Out, by William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t | March 13, 2002