Mafuz and Ariel Sharon


Finding the truth on the war against terrorism in Israel or elsewhere:
use your remote control and your computer mouse

Nipawin - Wednesday, April 3, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Those who won our independence believed that fear feeds repression, that repression nurtures hate, that hate threatens the stability of the government and that the path to security is found in freely discussing the wounds and the remedies proposed."

Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice


no trust

We have been questioning for sometime about the integrity of the corporate media and their sanitized reporting of the wars against terrorism. We can't trust the media and we cannot trust politicians as both the concentrated corporate media and the Bush administration have hijacked democracy along with our freedom to express our truths.




The corporate media has been reporting the successes of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan while journalists were kept away from combat zones, and the Bush administration has been sending his messenger of peace Vice-President Dick Cheney in the Middle East while the Israeli and Palestine conflict was getting out of hands.




It is my definite conclusion that we cannot trust the corporate media and that we cannot trust the Bush administration. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared war against terrorism and his tanks have been rolling on to take over the many cities in Palestine. Again we cannot trust the patriotic Israeli media and we cannot trust Prime Minister Sharon as journalists have been kept away from the occupied military zones. One foreign correspondent in Israel has commented


"I've been here many years but I don't remember such a dark period in the Israeli press."



Arab media

Warmongering Sharon and Bush have allied themselves in their personal wars against terrorism and they are manufacturing the truth as their faithful corporate media brainwash the opinions of people. However, these brainwashing efforts appear to be working only in North America and in Israel as the European and Arab media have been reporting the atrocities of the Israeli armed forces. Journalist Aviv Lavie has this advice


"An Israeli citizen interested in a more complex picture of reality has to rely on the remote control and the computer mouse."
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