Is president Bush a double talker?
Terrorism or self-determination?

Nipawin - Saturday, April 20, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Enough is enough." President Bush, April 4/2002


"Withdraw without delay." President Bush, April 6/2002


"I meant what I said." President Bush, April 8/2002




As usual we have to construct our understanding of the world.




We have been told of a massacre by the Palestinians in the Palestinian town of Jenin, yet the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) negate such a massacre. In Europe and among Arab countries, there is call for a United Nations (UN) investigation over the massacre of Jenin. President Bush has also supported an independent investigation over what has occurred in Jenin, yet the U.S. is positioning to veto a possible investigation by the United Nations.




I become more incensed about president Bush double talking as all of this devastation and deaths in the Middle East could have been avoided if the U.S. wouldn't have vetoed the UN resolution 1199 of December 14, 2002 for an international monitoring force in the Middle East.




President Bush calls PM Ariel Sharon a man of peace while British parliamentarian Gerald Kaufman calls Sharon a "blustering bully" and "a war criminal."




The United States is decidedly the only country to support the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories, while the European Union is decidedly against the human rights violations of the Israeli army in the Palestinian territories. BBC correspondent Jonathan Marcus explains this different perception by writing
"Americans tend to see Israel's offensive in terms of the war against terrorism; Europeans tend to see it as part of a struggle for Palestinian self-determination."



US a

Again we are confronted with the question of who is right and who is wrong, and it is up to ourselves to find the answer. However, we must understand that the United States has very often shown contempt for the international consensus of other countries; further, we must understand that in the global fight against terrorism the United States has been applying the Bush's doctrine "with US or against the US" in the absence of any agreed international definition of terrorism, and that is why the United States has been allying itself with countries which are themselves 'terroristic.' The International Criminal Court (ICC) will prosecute individuals who have committed war crimes, genocide, or other crimes against humanity, yet the Bush administration is contemplating the unsigning of the ICC treaty while at the same time waging a legal battle against the ICC.




Self-determination is life itself, therefore, and without hesitation, I fully support the European's perspective of the current conflict in the Middle East.
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