Understanding of Time and Money:
Econometric Professor Ian Walker versus Political Historian Kevin Phillips

Nipawin - Thursday, May 30, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"As the value of our time rises, we are likely to buy more of it, which explains why people are paying to save time, like having someone to cut the lawn or clean the house."

Ian Walker




"As massive debt becomes a major national problem, it also becomes a major financial opportunity and vested interest."

Kevin Phillips




We have been all enslaved by the Free Market where our fortunate sons make money with money, and now that the Free Market is not free anymore money has become a means per itself. Money should be a means to exchange the products of our labour and of our intelligence, and instead money has become the new god of the Free Market. Under the new god of money, our existential values of labour and intelligence have been supplanted by the money making vehicles of corporations and copyrights.




As corporations and copyrights design the framework of societal living I have become more disillusioned with the societal willingness to have peace and share the existential values of labour and intelligence.




President Bush's never ending war against terrorism is the gradual result of a society on the verge of destroying itself as corporations and copyrights have taken over governments.




The French revolution arose against the corrupt privileges of the King and the rich, and ordinary people rallied together under the cry 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.' Today, the American Free Market arises on behalf of corporations and their fortunate sons and people are told to roll together under the god of money. But I contend that money is not our god, and that democracy is our truth.



god of

We live in an ever increasing hypocritical society where the degree of 'instant democracy' is measured by the number of new billionaires and the extent of new tax cuts. This 'instant democracy' is advertised by the corporate media as they continually preach the gospel of the god of money.




The latest gospel advertised by CNN is the gospel "Time is money" in accordance to econometric professor Ian Walker. This econometric professor has designed a dummy scientific formula which proves that time is money. I have a simple explanation for rebutting econometric professor Ian Walker, and my explanation is that it takes a dummy econometric professor to design a dummy scientific formula which proves that time is money.




My explanation to rebut the proof that "time is money" could not be very convincing for many econometric professors as my explanation doesn't include scientific formulas or hard evidence in the form of residual numbers. Therefore, let me refer to the understanding of time and money as political historian Kevin Phillips gives us the evidence

"that while the highest-earning executive in 1981 made a then mind boggling $5.7 million, his equivalent in 1988 received $40 million, and his successor to that title in 2000, John Reed of Citigroup, accepted $290 million in compensation."




And yes, time is money, but not in a democracy. In fact, Kevin Phillips explains that we live in a plutocracy, a society characterized by the fusion of money and government.
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