A Thought on the American Free Market:
The Gospels of GDP and Economic Productivity

Nipawin - Saturday, July 13, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




The American Free Market preaches first the gospel of the highest return on investments as guaranteed by the new business ethics preached by President George Bush, then the American Free Market preaches the gospel of compassion by donating dollar money to people who are poor and who have been marginalized at home and abroad, then the American Free Market reinforces itself by establishing new global private contracts, new global property rights and copyrights, new global technologies, and finally new global wars.



is god


is the god preached by Corporate America and a new language has been invented for the preaching of the Almighty Dollar where the gospels of ever increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and ever increasing Economic Productivity are by far the most important gospels holding together the American Free Market.

The American Free Market allows its Gross Domestic Product to increase as wealth is destroyed and as wealth is created, and this same Free Market becomes more entrenched as workers are fired and Economic Productivity increases.