The Albertan Response to the Kyoto’s Issue:
Instant Democracy against True Democracy

Nipawin - Saturday, September 21, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis



Most politicians and business gurus are a bunch of demagogues who are unable to think on their own. Is it a coincidence that these politicians and business gurus all echo the dogma of counting your money in your pockets? Echo the dogma of privatizing public services such as health and education? Echo the dogma of cutting taxes? Echo the dogma of controlling nature and our lives? Echo the dogma of waging wars to make peace?




Our current politicians and business gurus are aiming at a New World Order where big corporations replace people, where the artificial language of money and copyrights replace the conversations of people. This New World Order is converting our civil citizenry to become either consumers of corporations or desperate poor, in a few words this New World Order is undermining democracy.




Statistics and statistical opinion pools are replacing shared thinking and system thinking, and as a consequence public policies have become representative of the average of our daily opinion polls rather than representative of developing democracy.

with or

We have been all hijacked by the tyrannical voice of President George Bush: Either with US or against US.




We cannot have a divisive world unless democracy is being undermined. We must remind ourselves that democracy means working together for the common good; and that democracy is not the instant democracy as portrayed by statistical opinion polls.




I learn Thursday that Alberta Premier Ralph Klein will be spending some $1.5 million for an advertising campaign to win the public opinions of people against the ratification of the Kyoto’s accord. This ‘ceteris paribus’ Albertan Caesar is another supporter of instant democracy at the expense of people at large. This is what democratic scientists John D. Sterman and Linda Booth Sweeny have recently concluded:


Kyoto, while better than business as usual, will not stabilize Green House Gases (GHG) concentrations at even the record levels they have now attained, much less end the inadvertent experiment in global climate change humanity is now conducting. The sooner people understand these dynamics the sooner they will call for leaders who reject do-nothing wait and see policies.
  Alberta's response: We don't believe you. Gas, electricity prices will rise, 450,000 jobs at risk, claims $1.5M anti-Kyoto campaign, Kelly Cryderman, Provincial Affairs Writer, The Edmonton Journal, September 19, 2002
  Cloudy Skies: Assessing Public Understanding of Global Warming, John D. Sterman & Linda Booth Sweeney, May 2002


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