Paul Krugman superimposed on voters in Minneapolis earlier today


Paul Krugman's understanding of irrationality Let's cast our vote:
America's future depends on your irrationality

Nipawin - Tuesday, November 5, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis



I just finished reading Paul Krugman's column in The New York Times and I am so pleased to share his understanding of irrationality. The situation where the US claims to be the most democratic country while less than 55% of the electorate cast their votes is really a paradox. Luckily enough we have economist Paul Krugman who debunks the logical vision of the New World Order and invites the American electorate to cast their vote even in the absence of their self-interested calculations.




See, the New World Order is based on the logic of the Free Market and self interest, but then as we have been documenting in our writing this New World Order is only the expression of the self interested plutocracy and that is why some 45% of the electorate don't cast their votes.




Paul Krugman writes:
"Let me explain. Political scientists will tell you that voting suffers from a severe "free rider" problem. Even if it's very important to you that Mr. A beat Mr. B, your individual vote is very unlikely to decide the outcome. So the sensible thing is not to bother voting. Yet if everyone acts on that logic, Mr. B the candidate backed by corrupt special interests, which pay for his get-out-the-vote operation sweeps into office."


  So the morale of this story is that our democracy is in our hands, so let's be irrational, let's forget our self interest or sensible thing and let's cast our vote: America's future depends on your irrationality.

Mario deSantis

  Krugman, Paul, Stop making sense, November 5, 2002 originally published in the New York Times


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