George W. Bush and Jeb Bush November 5, images by Larry Downing and Gary Hershorn (Reuters)

Last Tuesday's US election:
Furthering a no fault, more righteous, streamlined and warrisome Bushism

Nipawin - Thursday, November 7, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


top 1%
own almost
more than
all the rest

We have come to understand that the Free Market economy has been creating deeper divisions between the rich and the poor and in this regard social activist writer Jeff Gates points out that in the US
the financial wealth of the top one percent of households now exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 95 percent.




We all know that the power of money is driving politics and with this realization democracy has become one dollar one vote rather than one person one vote. The vote turnout in last Tuesday's US elections was some 39% of the eligible voters and it is a matter of simple logic to understand that the wealthiest have the highest interest to vote as they take over the government while the poorest have no incentive to vote as they have given up the hope to make any contribution to social changes.



in charge

The extreme right has taken power of the executive, legislative and judicial bodies and they are now rationally planning the plutocratic agenda of never ending wars, tax cuts, security bills, extraction of oil from Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Tort Reform, the kind of tort reform which in Saskatchewan has been advertised and executed as No Fault Insurance.



like Texas

Let me digress a bit and yes let me say that for those people who want to know only local politics, well they must know that this local political agenda is being driven by the bigger agenda of the Free Market. Do you see any correlation between Saskatchewan's no fault insurance and Bush's Texan no fault insurance?




We must understand Bush's policies of the Free Market before we understand our own local policies, as no fault insurance is nothing else but a spinoff of the Tort Reform lobbied by the big corporations in order to make their rightist governments more righteous, streamlined and warrisome, and if you think that the Government of Saskatchewan, the creator of medicare, is defending medicare, forget about it!

Mario deSantis

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