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Bush's Model of Freedom:
Citizenship being replaced by Ownership

Nipawin - Monday - December 2, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"--John F. Kennedy




"Owning something is freedom, as far as I'm concerned."-- George W. Bush




I am scandalized about the power of the media corporations in brainwashing common people. Yes, I maintain that the media is biased and that most people get along with the B.S spewed out of the mouths of the TV talking heads and their guests. I am a fan of economist Paul Krugman and he is the last honest person to point out that
"the handful of organizations that supply most people with their news have major commercial interests that inevitably tempt them to slant their coverage, and more generally to be deferential to the ruling party."



Is Paul Krugman right? Just think for yourself and tell me if the media can be unbiased when we can get the news only from the visionary AOL TimeWarner GeneralElectric Disney Westinghouse NewsCorp. On top of that, we have talking heads who make millions of dollars per year and you just tell me if these talking heads want to jeopardize their plutocratic American freedom.



sold out

So, I know that the media is biased, but how come they can get away with it? The trick used by the sold out media is this: "seeing is believing and believing is seeing," and so they show us only what we are supposed to believe.




Remember when I stated that I was fed up with the ubiquitous use of the tool of Statistics? Well, I have some defenders as well in this assertion as John Sterman states that :

"a scientific paradigm suppresses the perception of data inconsistent with the paradigm, making it hard for scientists to perceive anomalies that might lead to scientific revolution."



tax cuts

So we get duped by our media, we get duped by scientists, and this is happening in this corporative military industrial economy. Also, we have Bush's economic push for further privatization along with further cut of taxes and I am scared as I see citizenship being replaced all together by ownership (of property rights).

Mario deSantis

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  Krugman, Paul, In Media Res, originally published in The New York Times, 11.29.02
  Sterman. John D. Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World , pages 23-24


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