Flares near Basara Iraq and US President in October 2002.

The Bush administration's linear thinking mentality of wars and profits:
problems are rooted in the axis of evil or in the devil

Nipawin - Tuesday - December 31, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"What we see now is the tragedy of a great country, with noble impulses, successful institutions, magnificent historical achievements and immense energies, which has become a menace to itself and to mankind."

Anatol Lieven, Senior Associate at the
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
in Washington DC




It was just sometime ago that we explained how Bush's foreign policies to attack Iraq are fundamentally flawed and reflecting a demented linear mentality to solve American oil problems with heroic, aggressive and worrisome military interventions.



free market

Metaphorically, this demented linear mentality is the same one expressed by the so-called global economy of the Free Market as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank loan money to poorer countries on the conditions that they advance their democracies by privatizing and deregulating their common goods.




So here we have Bush's America defending America's freedom to acquire oil by military force, and so we have the Free Market defending the freedom of unrestrained crony capitalism all over the world.




Bush wants to attack Iraq, but will the eventual defeat of Iraq constitute a new peaceful step towards a better world? Bush waged a war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, but is Afghanistan really liberated?




We have the situation that Osama Bin Laden could be alive, that acts of terrorism are increasing, and that the Karzai's government is nothing else but a puppet propped up by the greased Bush administration as oil companies have now reached their goal to privately contract out an oil pipeline in Central Asia.



detract from

It is my contention that the Bush administration wants to attack Iraq mostly to detract the public attention from the dismal economic domestic policies and from the independent investigation surrounding the 9-11 events. Above all, Bush wants to attack Iraq to acquire one of the richest oil reserve in the world.




Our problems are complex, and these problems are all interconnected and dependent on each other. Bush wants to attack the axis of evil Iraq and solve America's problem of a possible oil shortage, but then what we find is more terrorism, what we find is the other axis of evil Iran building nuclear plants, what we find is yet another axis of evil North Korea resuming its nuclear energy programs. Bush has not identified Venezuela as another axis of evil, but has targeted Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez as a devil to be deposed. In fact, Chavez defends the interests of the poor rather than the interests of the greasy oil corporations and Chavez has been delivering oil to Cuba against Bush's interests.



excuse of

The Bush administration's linear thinking approach to solve problems as rooted in the axis of evil or in the devil, are just a cover up for the greasy profiteering interests of the big oil corporations and the high technology big military corporations.



issues can't

We cannot solve our own problems by acquiring more oil around the world and by waging more high technology wars around the world. We can only solve our own problems realizing that these problems are of our own making, that is, we must look at ourselves in the mirror, and realize that our reflective images are our own problems, and that problems are not there in isolation as the axis of evil or the act of the devil.

Mario deSantis

  Lieven, Anatol, The Push for War, Originally published in the London Review of Books (Vol. 24 No. 19) on 3 October 2002 http://www.ceip.org/files/Publications/2002-10-22-lieven-lrb.asp?from=pubauthor


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