American War against Iraq:
Bush's Weapon of Mass Distraction

Nipawin - Friday - January 17, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Time is running out on Saddam Hussein. He must disarm. I'm sick and tired of games and deception. And that's my view of timetables."

President Bush


"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government for the sake of humanity I cannot be silent."

Martin Luther King Jr.




Yesterday, as I was watching the CNN news I felt again more and more upset about the media's interest in focusing at no end on any marginal excuse to arise the bellicose spirit of the American people to go to war against Iraq.




This time the focus was the discovery by U.N. inspectors of 11 empty warheads equipped to carry chemical weapons. The U.S. wants a more aggressive work done by the inspectors in their search for weapons of mass destruction. In the meantime, unable to find the "smoking gun" the U.S. cumulates the findings of more hearsay about Iraq's breach of the U.N.'s resolution to disarm and intensifies the bombing of Iraqi's radar stations in preparation for the American attack as president Bush is telling the world that he is losing his patience against Saddam Hussein's failure to disarm.


So the focus is on waging a war against Iraq for the interest of the U.S. industrial and military complex under the pretense that Saddam Hussein hasn't disarmed, while North Korea's is trying to develop nuclear weapons, while the U.S. is making military donations to the Colombian government to protect oil pipelines from local guerillas, while the U.S. is assisting the Venezuelan oil and corporative agencies to depose the democratically elected president Chavez Frias, while many African countries suffer from starvation and diseases and wars.



Bush Inc.

Where is President Bush's compassion for a better world? Bush's compassion is to wage a war against Iraq. This war against Iraq looks more a sp-oil of war and more and more a weapon of mass distraction from the evil of President Bush Inc.

Mario deSantis

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