Chris Axeworth and George W. Bush


The epitome of the Rule of Law:
Chris Axworthy and George W. Bush

Nipawin - Friday - March 1, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Did Axworthy know he was going to be hired by this firm? Did he buy himself a job?"

Sheila Steele, Social Activist


"Our [American] fervent pursuit of war is driving us to squander the international legitimacy"

John Brady Kiesling, Political Counsellor



We must learn all the time. It was only some months ago that Sheila Steele, publisher of, mentioned to me, the need to redimension our social bullies such as for example Saskatoon cop, Brian Dueck. At that time I commented that our laws could be enough to counter these bullies, but now I can realize how wrong I was.



elitist politicians

The Rule of Law emerges from crony capitalism and therefore the Rule of Law serves the current elitist political and crony capitalistic class.



buying a

Take for example former Saskatchewan Justice Minister Chris Axworthy who will be using his peculiar governmental experience in his new job with the law firm of Robertson Stromberg while at the same time teaching law at the University of Saskatchewan.




Think about the American Rule of Law as the Bush administration has not ratified its membership in the International Criminal Court and while this same Bush administration is bribing the members of the Security Council at the United Nations for legitimizing a war against Iraq. I ask, how can a war against Iraq be a legitimate war, when this same president Bush, is not a legitimate president, and when a declaration of war must be passed by Congress.




The Bullies of the world are taking over and their Rule of Law must be changed for the good of common law and for the good of common people.

Mario deSantis

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