Bush's pre-emptive war against Iraq:
just a war for the benefit of the devilish Bush&Co

Nipawin - Wednesday - March 19, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"A pre-emptive U.S. attack on Iraq might be considered as a precedent for others to try to do the same thing. Where do you stop? You know, if you can do that there, why not elsewhere?"

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien




We need a new way to think so that we can all prosper and grow more intelligently, rather than ubiquitously think about money as we do today. Money has lost its main purpose of being the tool for the exchange of goods and services, and now we are watching closely the stock market and how it is reacting as the impending war against Iraq would be unfolding. I ask, how we can be so conventional in looking up to the stock market as it is raised up, as the prospect of a supposed divinely guided war is few hours away.


I also ask why the American Media is advertising the value of American patriotism as the hegemonic American Armed Forces are posed to liberate the Iraqi people by the launching of some 3,000 precise missiles in the span of 48 hours.




I ask how in the world 3,000 precision missiles can be precise enough not to kill innocent people.




As we can see, American finance, American propaganda and American precision technologies are not going to solve human problems for a better world; rather, this obsessed focus on finance, on media propaganda and atomized new technologies are critical contributors to the so called "slippery slope" and to the related spiral regression of civility.




There is no doubt for me, that we must all think differently today, we need a new way of thinking, a new way of thinking as ancient as when the first human put his, or her, first foot on mother earth, and this new way of thinking is called common sense.




I have been looking at some pictures of the horror brought by wars and yet such pictures are never shown in the conventional media; the conventional media prefers commercialized and sanitized news over showing the truth, prefers patriotism over civility, prefers the sacrifices of heros over the life of common people, prefers war over peace.




I assert that this pre-emptive doctrine of the Bush administration is the "slippery slope" taking us to hell and yet journalist Eugene Volokh of Slate magazine uses his rational neoclassical economic logic to support the invasion of Iraq. Common sense provides us with the understanding that before we use rational logic we must use reasonable behaviour.



just a war

We must all understand that the application of rational logic can take us to unreasonable conclusions. A war against Iraq is an unreasonable conclusion and therefore illegal. This war is just a war for the benefit of the devilish Bush&Co.

Mario deSantis

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