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Baring our truths and taking back our rights:
Our lawyers in a world where Might is Right

Nipawin - Monday - April 14, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Truth suppress'd, whether by courts or crooks, will find an avenue to be told. During wartime it takes longer."

Sheila Steele, injusticebusters.com


We are experiencing how Might is replacing our Right and becoming more and more our Rule of Law.




Let us not be naive, and let us not be brainwashed by the corrupt language of the conventional media, the conventional economists, the conventional businesses, the conventional politicians. They are all speaking the same language of degenerated virtual reality, of economic theories in the absence of culture and history, of free markets in the presence of business monopolies, of political freedom in the free market while waging destructive wars.




We must stop this non sense, but the problem becomes how, how can we have the strength to support a more intelligent reality, economic theories centered on people rather than money, free markets centered on needs rather than greed, political freedom centered on freedom of expression rather than oppression.




I don't find any problem living in a hypocritical society as long as we are all aware of it and we all work for our own good. However, I find it intolerable that the degree of hypocrisy is increasing while at the same time this hypocrisy is obfuscated by most of the elitist class.




I studied private law, commercial law, public law and I thought that a form of democracy would be for a country to abide by such laws, as I studied them. But that isn't true; some people say that there are books and there is a reality, and I say that these people are just straight crooks as we cannot disassociate learning from reality.




So we have crooks, we have crooks in the international arena as for example, president Bush Jr. is waging a deceptive and illegal war against Iraq, and we have crooks at home in our province of Saskatchewan as governmental agencies and lawyers have been trying to suffocate the just voices of many people, in particular, the voice of Rick Klassen in his $10 million lawsuit. Sheila Steele writes that
"this case moved forward only after Klassen's lawyer 'fired' him as an unruly client."




We have an unjust justice system in Saskatchewan and it is extremely difficult to make just change to this system as most lawyers, bureaucrats, businesses and politicians speak all the same hypocritical language. Today, the only way to promote just change is to be transparent with our experiences, and bare ourselves to the truth. Today I bare three relevant experiences I had with Saskatchewan lawyers.
  1. I received a letter dated May 7, 1997 from the legal firm McKercher McKercher & Whitmore acting on behalf of Brian Rourke and his friend Arliss Wright, respectively chairman and CEO of the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations. This legal firm requested that, within a week of the date of this letter, I retracted and apologized for any supposed libelous statement I made in my letter dated April 28, 1997 addressed to all Chairpersons and Chief Executive Officers of Saskatchewan District Health Boards in regard to the "Computerization of Health Care Payroll and Economic Policies". I asked this legal firm for any example of my supposed libelous statement and they never answered back.

  2. In the Fall of 1997 Gronnerud & Associates terminated wrongfully my teaching contract. In a letter dated August 4, 1998 my lawyer William Herle wrote: "On July 30, 1998 I was contacted by Fred Zinkhan, a lawyer with the law firm of Olive, Waller, Zinkhan and Waller. Mr. Zinkhan... indicated that he had instructions to propose a settlement of $3,000." I responded to my lawyer with a fax dated August 7, 1998 in which I stated "I inform you that I cannot make a counter offer based on indications." In January 1999 Mr. Herle acknowledged that Fred Zinkhan was not representing Gronnerud & Associates.

  3. On December 6, 1998 lawyer Randy Langgard, acting on behalf of Hewitt Helmsing, former CEO of the Saskatchewan Health-Care Association, sent an e-mail to Ensign and threatened both myself and the publisher of costly legal proceedings unless the article "Saskatchewan: Healthcare Reform and new Economic Policies, Part 4: A personal experience: Incompetence & Corruption of the SAHO/SHA Retirement Plan Administration" was deleted from the web site. The article was never deleted and Helmsing didn't not proceed with his threat of costly proceedings.



take em

The morale of this article is that Might more than Right makes today's Rule of Law. However, as we bare our truths so we can have the hope to take back our rights.



Mario deSantis

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