America is experiencing a big economic bubble ready to deflate:
The Free Market competition for grabbing scarcer resources

Nipawin - Thursday - June 26, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"The fate of the world economy is now totally dependent on the growth of the U.S. economy, which is dependent on the stock market, whose growth is dependent on about 50 stocks, half of which have never reported any earnings."

former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, September 1999


the public

Canadian journalist Eric Margolis explains in a recent article the cumulative cover up policies of President Bush as he writes
"He [Bush] is running a political Ponzi scheme: diverting the public from the Enron and stock market swindles by invading Afghanistan, then covering that mess by invading Iraq, and now trying to cover up the growing Iraq disaster by fanning a new crisis with Iran."
Further, Margolis explains the hypocritical American foreign policies in regard to the history of nuclear development in Israel and Iran.




But where does this latest hypocritical American behaviour against Iran originate? It is the American economy.


The American economy is in deep trouble, and the world economy is in trouble as well. The Free Market has divided people and countries, and the Free Market has also divided the economies around the world.


Our economic structures have become more dislocated around the world and it is not possible to provide the economic development to poorer countries with the present Free Market, where we have free movement of money, of goods, of services and of copyrights, but no movement of people.




Manufacturing jobs have been progressively relocated in poorer countries and the conventional economists who continue to tell us, for example, that the depreciation of the American dollar is good for American exports.



1 = 75,000

Economist David Korten wrote some years ago that in 1992 Michael Jordan received $20 million from Nike corporation to promote the sales of its shoes and he pointed out that such money was equivalent to the total yearly compensation of the 75,000 thousands workers who produced these shoes in poorer countries.



no hunger

There is no way that this Free Market can alleviate hunger in the world unless we all eat copyrighted genetically modified (GM) food as President Bush has been telling the world recently.



and war debt

The American economy is in trouble, its trade deficit is accumulating at the rate in excess of US$500 billion and the budget deficit is accumulating at this same rate of US$500 billion as well! The after effects of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will be costing the Americans some $54 billion per year for many years to come, and yet there is no peace in either the Middle East or Afghanistan.



oil producers

In the meantime Africa, plagued by Aids and wars, has been practically neglected. Iraq was the first country to adopt the Euro for the sale of its oil. In the last twelve months the US dollar has lost some 30 percent of its value against the Euro and therefore more countries have started to hold Euro as part of their foreign exchange reserve. Recently, Venezuela has begun the selling of its oil in Euro, Iran is planning to convert the selling of oil in Euro, and we can only imagine what would happen to the American economy if OPEC countries would convert to Euro.



so goes
so goes the

America is experiencing a big economic bubble ready to deflate; the total world gross domestic product (GDP) was some US$33.5 trillion in year 2002, the United States had an economy of about US$10 trillion in year 2002, the total world international import trade was some US$8.7 trillion in year 2002, and the United States imports about 19 percent of the total world international import trade. All the world is in trouble and this is principally because of the United States and the Free Market.

Mario deSantis

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