Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, California Governor Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian

Thank you again Professor Paul Krugman:
Some clarity on the $38 billion California budget deficit

Nipawin - Sunday - August 24, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

The campaign to recall California Governor Gray Davis was initiated and bankrolled to the tune of $2 million from Republican Senator Darrel Issa, a high school dropout who has been arrested twice as an adult on charges of auto theft.

Until Friday I was aware that the California budget deficit was in the order of $38 billion and in fact some weeks ago I wrote an article in which I was trying to relate this enormous deficit with the bursting of the stock market bubble and the manufactured energy crisis in California. On Friday I read the article "Conan the Deceiver" by Paul Krugman and I became flabbergasted to understand that

"although news reports continue, inexplicably, to talk about a $38 billion [California] deficit, the projected gap for next year is only $8 billion."

All at once I became suspicious of this mass media's deception to paint the California's deficit worse than it is, maybe, just for the political motivation to unseat Governor Gray Davis and increase the reelection chances of President Bush next year. Still now I don't know if the California budget deficit is in the order of $8 or $38 billion.

  An editorial of the Washington Post reports today that
"the state deficit stands at $8 billion, which Mr. Schwarzenegger would raise to $12 billion by repealing an increase in the car tax."
  Disconcertingly, the same Washington Post ran the article Calif. Near Financial Disaster: Hours Remain to Solve $38 Billion Shortfall last June.
  We are living incredible times of an upside down machination of our realities and we have examples of more finest liars as Senator Issa says
"this is the size of our deficit. Yes, that's right. OK. It's about $1,100 for every man, woman and child in California"
  while running up gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger mouths
"No one, not even the economic and academic leaders, could make head or tale of the state's budget. We do not know what is being spent or where."


  Thank you again Professor Paul Krugman!

Mario deSantis


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