Eduardo Galeano's deep understanding of U.S. unsecure prosperity:
defending the dollar by sending Marines and by assuming markets

Nipawin - Friday - September 5, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"The war market is on the rebound and the outlook for profits from butchery is promising. The weapons factories are as busy as those producing enemies to fit their needs."

Eduardo Galeano, author of Upside Down, 1998

  In July 1998 I wrote my first article in Ensign titled "Unconventional Knowledge" and then I went on to write a series of articles titled "Need of transformational changes in Saskatchewan." My writing was motivated by my disappointment in realizing that the more I would work for economic changes and the more I was being marginalized by the conventional economic leadership. My feeling that conventional wisdom was partially the culprit of my economic disappointment has become a reality as later we have been progressively witnessing the continuous squandering of economic resources by the Saskatchewan government, the big lie of the Free Market and finally the disastrous domestic and foreign policies of the Bush administration. I can't help but repeat that this is an upside down world and therefore I want to provide a short quotation taken by the book "Las venas abiertas de America Latina" written by Eduardo Galeano in 1971:
The U.S. balance-of-payments deficit is the result of military spending and foreign aid, and is a critical sword of Damocles over U.S. prosperity. At the same time, it makes that prosperity possible: the Imperium sends forth its Marines to save its monopolists' dollars; more effectively, it sends its technocrats and loans to extend business and assume raw materials and markets.
  In early February of this year I wrote
"This year's U.S. budget is in the red at the tune of some $300 billion, the chronic U.S. international trade deficit continues as it was in the order of $40 billion for the single month of November 2002. It becomes obvious to me that the American policy of a strong dollar, crony capitalism and the waging of wars are the premises of President Bush's New World Order: a bloody U.S. dollar."
  Sure enough, the attack against Iraq followed the previous bombing of Afghanistan, and big American businesses are now trying to rebuild Iraq while making money at the expense of both Iraqis and American people at large.
  There will never be peace and economic progress in the world as long as the U.S. continues to escalate its military spending and as it continues its elitist economic policies at home and abroad.

Mario deSantis


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