Bridging the divide of an upsidedown world:
Critical thinking with System Dynamics

Nipawin - Monday - September 29, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


I wonder all the time about this upsidedown world as we are experiencing wars, famines, the plague of AIDS, and division of people all around the world. Instead of alleviating people from the ravages of wars the richest countries headed by the hegemonic Americans continue their race to more technological advanced instruments of war and the selling of arms to developing countries.




Rather than assisting developing countries to help themselves and produce their own agricultural food, the richest countries headed by the hegemonic Americans continue to subsidize their agricultural industry and to charitably donate their food surpluses to the starving people of developing countries.



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Instead of haiving compassion for the millions of people afflicted by AIDS in developing countries, the pharmaceutical industry of the richest countries headed by the hegemonic Americans want the enforcement of copyrights at the expense of people's lives.




In general, the race to the bottom waged by the hegemonic Americans in the name of the competitive Free Market is furthering the divide between the rich and poor countries, and between the rich and the poor within all countries.




What kind of social understanding can we make of Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, the richest tycoon in Italy, when he states that :
"Italy is the most Americanized country of Europe, and thanks to my government it has the most flexible labour market of Old Europe?"
What kind of social understanding can we make of president George Bush when he states that
"We must have an economy that grows fast enough to employ every man and woman who seeks a job?"




  • Is the Americanization of the world and the related flexible labour market the answer to our social uplifting?
  • Is the so called high productivity driven American global economy the answer to a living employment for people?



out of control

For me, flexible labour market means the legitimization of the discretional firing of employees for no fault. Again for me, having a high productivity driven economy means the corporative consensus to an ongoing, manageable and recycling displacement of people for the artificial benefit of capital and corporative profits.




We need a new way of thinking. A thinking based on the understanding of our interdependencies. We must always keep in mind that just because we are all different from each other, as individual people and as communities we still are not isolated and unaffected by each other and the global situations that develop. This understanding is what makes all of us democratic people, that is, working together to understand our differences for the social benefit of all of us.



in NY

Last week, I received an e-mail from the System Dynamics Society and I was invited to visit their web site where they have published the many pictures taken at their annual conference held last July in New York. What was interesting was the theme of this conference: Economic Dynamics. Since I have been most critical of the Bush administration economic policies, here we have an opportunity ot invite economists to use System Dynamics to understand the unintended consequences of the Free Market policies.



time to

I am very partial to the educational efforts of the System Dynamics Society as they provide the tool to help us better understand our problems and find the related solutions. Therefore, it is my turn to invite yourselves, readers, to think in a new way, the natural and intelligent way, the way of critically thinking for the betterment of us all: System Dynamics, that is thinking for yourself along with others.



Mario deSantis


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