Michel Chossudovsky discerns the trees from the forest
The state is financing its own indebtedness

Nipawin - Tuesday - November 4, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"They [Saskatchewan politicians] are robbing us...of our democratic power and, instead, using us as pawns...something to manipulate"

Shadia Drury, Political Scientist, October 2003

"Nothing has been hidden, there's no smoking gun, No one has run with the money"

Pat Atkinson, Saskatchewan Minister of Health, December 19, 1999

all parties

Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, explains that neoliberalism, that is the Free Market, has progressively reduced politicians to behaving as puppets of the financial establishment and big corporations. There is in practice, no more distinction between political parties as these parties of all the political spectrum have all embraced the same macro economic reforms under the same stylized economic slogans
"we must reduce the deficit, we must combat inflation; the economy is overheating, put on the brakes."

by the Free Market

I agree with the assertion of political scientist Shadia Drury that we are being robbed by politicians, be they in Saskatchewan, or Canada, or elsewhere, as they continue to lie, and as they continue to deposit their robbed money in the banks. I remember when Saskatchewan Health Minister Pat Atkinson was responding to accusations that she was mismanagement her department when she said "nobody ran with the money" and she was right, there is no need for politicians of any color to run with the money, they just steal legally under the helpless watch of common people. This is why we cannot trust politicians and their Free Market and this is why the collective voices of common people through the so called Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) have become the strongest expression of democracy against those selling the concept of the Free Market.



waging war
on the poor

Whenever I read on Ensign the writings of Walter Robinson, director of the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers, I cringe. Mr. Robinson always portrays himself as the crusader of the just cause to reduce taxes and corporate handouts, but in reality he is just a mouth piece of the neoliberal agenda. The neoliberal people are straight shooters who know all the straight answers to the circular problems, that is, they cannot discern the forest from the trees. Our western governments are robbing us and they cannot see the forest for the trees when they redimension social programs in health, welfare, education, employment and pension. Governments claim they have no money as they experience budget deficits and yet they have money to wage military and financial wars against the poor.




Chossudovsky is not a dummy straight shooter, but a system dynamicist who can discern the trees from the forest and he explains how beginning in the 80ies

"the state was financing its own indebtedness, government hand-outs [to big businesses] were being recycled towards the purchase of bonds and treasury bills [by the banks]. And because a large portion of the public debt was held by private banking and financial institutions, the latter were able to pressure governments for an increased command over public resources in the form of more hand-outs and subsidies."



Mario deSantis


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