US President celebrates Thanksgiving in Baghdad (AFP/Anja Niedringhaus)..

The United States is officially breaking the constitutionality of the Rule of Law

Nipawin - Saturday - December 7, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer"

Henry Kissinger,
former U.S. Secretary of State,
New York Times,
October 28, 1973

Newly declassified documents reveal that in October of 1976, Henry Kissinger urged Argentina's military rulers to hurry to complete their 'dirty war' against leftists, real and suspected, before the US Congress could cut aid.

(image AFP/ Gene Forte)


We must deter and defend against the threat before it is unleashed... We will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of self-defense by acting pre-emptively. [The United States] will maintain the capability to defeat any attempt by an enemy--whether a state or non-state actor--to impose its will on the United States, our allies, or our friends."

White House, National Security Strategy, September 2002 -------

"International law ... would have required us to leave Saddam Hussein alone"

Richard Perle,
U.S. Defense Policy Board,
November 20, 2003

Right wing US politician richard Perle said the United States continues to make no distinction between people who carry out terrorist acts and countries that harbour them.

(image by AFP/Stephen Jaffe)



"We certainly respect the Canadian passport and we will continue to respect the Canadian passport, but... we will reserve the right to act unilaterally"

Paul Cellucci,
U.S. Ambassador to Canada,
Canadian Press,
December 5, 2003

United States Ambassador Paul Cellucci said in Ottawa thursday, December 4, 2003 that the United States can't guarantee there won't be a repeat of the Maher Arar deportation case

(image AP/Fred Chartrand)



"I'm not on the verge of tears for my safety... I'm on the verge of tears because it means we now live in Colombia, because the rule of law is meaningless. It means that lawyers cannot represent anyone even in what you profess to be a democracy here in Canada."

Rocco Galati,
Canadian Lawyer,
Associated Press,
December 5, 2003

(image CBC)


Mario deSantis


  Khadr, Harkat lawyer frightened off by death threat, December 4, 2003, CBCNews


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