The madness of privatisation:
The root of an injustice system, in Saskatchewan and elsewhere

Nipawin - Thursday - January 29, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis


"We stand for the maintenance of private property... We shall protect free enterprise as the most expedient, or rather the sole possible economic order."

Adolph Hitler


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If you take a glance at the web site than you can realize the kind of justice system we have in Saskatchewan. The provincial department of Saskatchewan Justice is an incompetent department and I firstl pointed out its racist attitude when in 1998 I wrote the article "NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN: Fight Against Racism and A New Worldview." My family and myself had to endure a sequel of painful employment breaks. As a consequence, I realised that the legal system was not adequate to address the social wrongs my family and I had to endure and therefore I began to write about the need for transformational changes in Saskatchewan.



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We must understand that racism manifests itself in the biased social attitudes and actions of people, but it is also intrinsic to a demented way of thinking. I have called this demented mentality linear thinking, that is the way to see reality as a linear chain of events, one event causing another event with no understanding of the complex interrelationships between events.




We have a demented way of thinking in Saskatchewan and we have a demented justice system as well. Last December, Richard Klassen chose to be his own lawyer to overcome the collective and apparent madness of the legal community and used his common sense to assert the innocence of his family and of himself in the trial of the "Scandal of the Century." He won that trial with a strongly worded judgement yet the province has chosen to appeal the decision.




A word which comes to my mind and which represents so many social wrongs today is privatisation. This word has been hijacked by sold out politicians, greedy free marketeers, and traditional economists. At one time, our common sense would distinguish between common good, a good shared publicly, and private good, a good privately enjoyed, today we have the gospel of privatisation, that is the absolutist preaching of property rights in governmental affairs.




We are experiencing a two tiered society, and yet politicians, though it seems to verge on madness, seem bent upon privatising health care and education for the sake of saving money and for the benefit of the few and privileged.




While we need to reasonably share artistic work and innovations to enrich our lives and alleviate illness, yet copyright and patent laws have become vehicles to gratuitously transfer wealth on behalf of the few and privileged. Copyright and patent laws have become so stringent and effective for such a long periods of time, that they are becoming more monopolistic and absolute rights than they are temporary exclusive rights. The relentless privatisation of the public good pursued by the Free Market is destroying countries and cultures while spreading poverty and violence.




We must wake up as people and fight this madness of governmental privatization of the public good. We must fight the god of the Free Market intended to create a shareholder society for the few and privileged. We must change our copyright and patent laws so that they become challenging social opportunities rather than regressive business fights for paper rights.




In the end we must fight the gospel of privatisation: the root of an injustice system.

Mario deSantis

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