British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Lord Hutton, weapons inspector David Kay, US President George W. Bush

Manufacturing truths out of hypothesises
and out of duplicities

Nipawin - Monday - February 2, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"I am at a loss to explain what happened in the UK and in the US. I think we were overwhelmed by the theocracy of evil in that we assumed he intended to obtain WMD and then everything that happened was interpreted with that assumption. It's insane."

Scott Ritter, former chief UN weapons inspector


"But you [President Bush] stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still -"


"So what's the difference?"

Excerpt from interview With President Bush, December 16, 2003


There is no way anybody can tell us the truth, in fact, we have to look for it and find it for ourselves. Lord Hutton’s report on the death of British weapons inspector David Kelly and on the BBC’s contention that Blair’s cabinet sexed up the intelligence dossier claiming Iraq possessed WMD (weapons of mass destruction) has been released. Hutton’s report has exonerated Blair of sexing up the Iraqi dossier and has castigated instead, the BBC. This report has been called a whitewash by many critics; we have to make up our own minds on whom and on what we believe. I find this quotation very interesting by journalist Anthony Barnett as he comments on Huttons’ report


"Imagine… the government needs to show that Saddam Hussein is a danger. As the dossier is being drafted, a report comes in that Hussein might have battlefield WMD he could use in less than an hour if attacked. Doesn’t this mean that the government can present its case by saying that Iraq has WMD which will be used in 45 minutes? If the head of the JIC – Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee – agrees, is this not then true? Thus were the British people informed that the dictator had WMD at the ready. Incredible! How could any grown man or woman believe it? But Campbell and Blair did believe it. They wanted to. They needed to… For most of us to seek the truth is a risk. It is something we try to discover. The truth is likely to be painful, to raise issues, to blur certainty… In the Campbell [and Blair] Code truth is quite different. It is a weapon without a soul or spirit of its own. It is a device to be used, focused, confined and disciplined, in order to deliver certainty and support."




I have always been very leery about making truths out of hypothesis introduced with the analytical notation "if" or when we ass-u-me too much. But this is what has happened with the manufacturing of the Iraqi dossier in the UK: the hypothesis that Saddam Hussein had WMD which could be deployed in 45 minutes to threaten Britain was raised to a certainty, the truth.




At the same time as Lord Hutton’s report was released in the UK, Dr. David Kay, former head of the US Iraq Survey Group looking for WMD, repeated before a U.S. congressional committee:


"We were almost all wrong, and I certainly include myself here. We have not discovered any evidence of stockpiles [of weapons]."


Again I find fascinating that David Kay is not a scientist but a Faustian agent who has worked for to the Pentagon, the CIA, ultra right-wing Israeli ‘think-tanks’, the Iraqi Reconstruction and Redevelopment Council, and the famous military contractor SAIC. As the latter business is concerned we have already digressed about its monetary efficiencies when some years ago SAIC Corporation was digging holes in the ground to establish the tilting Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) in Saskatchewan.




It is a mad world and I find ridiculous that the axis of evil, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, have been nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, but then we must remember that former secretary of state Henry Kissinger is a Nobel Peace Laureate.




When are we going to learn that business must not be as usual?

Mario deSantis

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