What Happened to the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN)?

By Mario deSantis, June 11, 1999

  Beginning in 1992, the Department of Health concluded that the Wellness Model of health care
  being implemented in Saskatchewan needed new information systems. In 1995, the blueprint of
  the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) was completed and its development
  was being based on stringent computing standards, and proven, progressive, low risk technologies.
  SHIN includes the development of individual electronic health records and its most important
  technological features are the linking of all the health care providers through e-mail, and the use
  of the technologies of Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). The
  economic integrity of the implementation of SHIN was supported by a Benefit Analysis
  conducted by Ernst & Young which identified savings in the order of $58 Million to $114
  Million annually.
  As a result of the stringent and low risk authoritarian leadership of our politicians and health care
  leaders, the Wellness Model went aground; however, no word has been publicized about SHIN.
  The 1998 Fall Report of the Provincial Auditor states that $40 Million would be spent by
  December 1999 for the SHIN project. Today, we know that SHIN is working on providing
  e-mail support services to health providers, and that at least $1.5 Million has been spent on the
  obsolete and not implemented technology of Telehealth. Will we ever know how much money
  has been spent on SHIN and how much money we have been saving because of it?


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