Saskatchewan Bureaucracy:

The Need of Better Decision Making Processes

By Mario deSantis, October 28, 1999

  Our socialist Premier Romanow took over the Saskatchewan government in late 1991 from
this mean and lean political direction is a stagnant economy the overspending Devine's conservatives. Unimaginative and reactionary, our Premier
understood that the secret for staying in power was not to create wealth(1) for the people
but to do better than the previous conservative government. Therefore, Premier Romanow,
even though he realized that doing nothing would have been enough to do better than the
past conservatives, stretched his imagination and did something. In fact, he directed a "lean
and mean" economic policy against the people of Saskatchewan and on behalf of the
monumental projects such as the renovation of the Regina hospitals(2), SHIN(3) and the
Synchrotron(4). This lean and mean policy eventually led to the balancing of the governmental
budget, the digging of big and deep holes in the ground(5), and the overall shrinking of this
province to success. Today's legacy of this mean and lean political direction is a stagnant
economy where everybody and every agency is crying for more money for healthcare, for
education, for highways, for agriculture, for increasing the monopolistic revenues of our
crown corporations, for you name it and everything else. In short, under the political and
economic decisions of Premier Romanow's government and his Tin Pot dictators(6), we have
  become a province of beggars.
  In the last election, Premier Romanow received the message that his past performance was
our Premier doesn't know what to do not enough for his party to form a majority government. However, our astute Premier was
able to bribe the few liberal members of the legislature and form a majority coalition
government(7). To the disappointment of the electorate, Romanow is once again in full power
and telling us what to do. Poor Premier Romanow, he needs help, the government has run
out of money, he has run out of his magic and he still needs to make political decisions. The
last political decisions of this Premier have been catastrophic. Let us consider, for example,
his involvement in the affairs of the University of Saskatchewan. He has fully supported the
building of the Synchrotron at the expense of the university welfare; then in an effort to stall
the increase of university fees he diverted money from the Millennium Fund(8); then again,
at election time, he played the magic to promise free tuition to students entering post secondary
educational institutions(9) at the expense of all the students of any age of Saskatchewan; and
now that the University of Saskatchewan has not accepted the bean counters' proposal to provide
differential tuition fees(10) in accordance to the cost and benefit analysis of different degrees, our
  Premier doesn't know what to do.
Governments of any level must make decision on behalf of their citizens We want to help our Premier and his Tin Pot dictators. They must not expect ever again to
pass unconstitutional laws and claim the Rule of Law for their observance(11). Governments
of any level must make decision on behalf of their citizens, and they must be respectful of the
law. Therefore, even though we are not the experts, we are going to mention in our future
articles some tools which can assist our Premier and his Tin Pot dictators reach informed
democratic and accountable decisions rather than rely solely on their greed, power or magic.


Note: This hypocritical reactionary government reengineered the provincial social system by pursuing "reductionist" policies at any level and sector of the economy and ultimately affecting the intelligence of our research environment.


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