Saskatchewan Nursing Shortage:

Shifting the blame for our own Incompetence

By Mario deSantis, November 27, 1999

  It has been some time that we have been repetitively told that the Nursing shortage has been the cause
we are now spending more money in healthcare that at any other time of the closure of many beds across the province, at least this is what our healthcare big brains(1)
have been telling us. The big brains and their pack of loyal politicians(2), bureaucrats(3), bean
counters(4), and researchers(5) have masterminded the biggest healthcare re-engineering plan(6)(7)
which ever happened in Saskatchewan or Canada. They realized that the labour costs of health care
are in excess of 75% of total expenditures, they made the computation that on the average one
medical doctor would generate so many hundreds of thousands of dollars of healthcare expenditures,
they forgot that doctors and nurses are core competencies of the healthcare system and they went
ahead with the re-engineering scheme to increase the healthcare productivity by the use of museum
technologies(8). The big brains excluded the participation of doctors in their scheme(9), and reduced
the number of working nurses by cutting beds(10), by cutting in half the enrolment of nursing
students and by lengthening their nursing program by two years(11). The result of this
re-engineering scheme is that we are now spending more money in healthcare that at any other time,
  that healthcare is in a mess, that doctors are leaving the province, and that there is a shortage of
  To alleviate the nursing shortage, the Saskatoon District Health (SDH) has decided to offer $2,000 to
we experience a healthcare management by confusion and backstabbing all graduating registered nurses who agree to work in this district for at least one year(12). Says
vice-president Brian Morgan "This nursing shortage is a Canadian phenomenon. It will exist for a
while in this country" Other districts such as Prince Albert and Regina are already offering financial
incentives. So, as we are accusing the Alberta government for implementing a dual healthcare
system(13), we are making fun of our own system by playing the market place, putting districts
against each other, by waging a "bidding war" for the appropriation of nurses, and by putting nurses
against each other. Again, we experience a healthcare management by confusion and backstabbing.
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses president Rosalee Longmoore expressed her wisdom in this way
  "...I don't think this is the way to go. What about the people who have been working in the district
  for 20 years?..."
  I repeat myself the same question, over and over again "When are we going to learn how to do our
  own home work before backstabbing each other and blaming Canadian phenomena for all our own


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