Banking is changing: Electronic cheques on their way

By Mario deSantis, December 15, 1999

  Last week, I reported an incident on how the communication between banks and their customers
  can become confused and motivate additional service charges by = the banks(1). The date of the
  cheque is an essential legal feature of the cheque, however, today fewer banks pay attention to this
  date and they prefer to batch all the received cheques in one bundle and cash them. If there is any
  problem in cashing such cheques, anonymous service charges are decided by the computer system
  and the customers pay. Banks do business using statistics, so if only a fraction of the customers
  realize of the computer system mistakes there is still plenty of gold to be made by the banks.
  But things are changing(2), business is changing, and the business use of statistics against
  consumers is changing as well. In fact, money has become an image(3) travelling at the speed of
  light and pretty soon the business of banking will change to include this "new reality" and provide
  better and direct communication between banks, businesses and their clients. This morning, I
  came to know that the implementation of electronic cheques(4) is around the corner: just think,
  less banking mistakes, less service charges, and the possibility of immediate world wide
  clearing of cheques.


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