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FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, June 29, 2004

When we moved into our house in August of 1995, the field across the street was the high school football field and the site of the TUCs building where our son attended high school. Since then, we have enjoyed the unobstructed view to the east and had the luxury of seeing children play on the field and flown a kite or two ourselves. But all that is changing as development is marching forward.

Back on the first day of June
I reported to you the plans for the

field as the new condominium began to take shape. Last week the town excavated the whole block on the north side of the field, installing new water lines and on Monday they began opening up the street once more to put water and sewer lines into each of the new lots along the north side. All of these lots have been sold and with the services in place construction can begin.

Once the first service was installed the town crew repeated the process three more times splicing in water and sewer connections, then backfilling each hole with gravel and packing the fill in place, then building they reconstructed a smooth surface for the roadway. The whole process was finished by mid day Tuesday.

There is no doubt that the view from our kitchen and front window is going to change dramatically with four dwellings sitting from the goal line to just past the twenty yard line. Through Monday and Tuesday with the din of heavy construction equipment it was an unsettling sound with three machines and two dump trucks churning away.

There has been no indication when construction will begin only that the first house closest to the

Golden Age Centre drive way is prebuilt and will be delivered from Swift Current once its pad is in place. No basement is planned for this first dwelling.

On Monday night right up until eleven Chupa excavation were hard at work preparing the area on the west side of the Golden Age Centre for the paving crew which was expected for Tuesday. The pictures below were taken Tuesday morning as Colin Chupa and his truckers brought in load after load of gravel to be levelled out in preparation for the paving process.

Though a large parking area was built last summer it is far from
adequate for many of the large events that take place at the Golden Age Centre which seems to have some event taking place every day of the week.

Though it was known when the Centre was planned that it would become a busy place I do not believe that the planners ever realised that it would become such a focus of activity for this community. Now it looks like the board of directors should be planning putting funds away for expansion of their facility.

These pictures of the new parking area were done around ten in the morning Tuesday and work continued through out the day but the pavers did not make an appearance. The level new parking area will have to be throughly packed before the pavement is put down as a hard paved surface can not sustain weigh if it begins to settle even a small amount.

This QuickTime VR gives you an opportunity to look around the field as the three construction projects proceeded Tuesday morning. If no image appears you must download a more recent version of QuickTime as this kind of interactive image will not work with Microsoft's Media Player. This image is composed of about twenty individual images stitched together with software so that by placing you cursor on the picture you can look left and right around the scene and by clicking the shift key you can zoom in and with the control key you can zoom out of the image.

I had just completed taking the images for the QuickTime VR when this "Little-rentals" contraption came down 95th Street as someone was moving it to another construction, or remodeling site, further north.

Though only one house has been built at this point in the year there is plenty of evidence of other projects will soon begin and the eight unit condominium has its first floor up and the flooring for that first level of dwellings is almost complete. The project which had begun by a Melfort company is now being advanced by Strapco Construction.

Timothy W. Shire



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