New Consulting Engineer
At Nuform Packaging

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 29, 2001
Having grown up South of Star City Tisdale is home territory to John Jonasson as he has moved to Tisdale to make his contribution to the dynamic and ongoing development at Nuform Packaging. As a consulting engineer John has spent a lot of time on the road travelling from project to project and is happy to set up his base here in Tisdale.

John, though not completely alone is one of those Engineers who does his work on a Macintosh. Though Apple Macintosh computers are the standard in publishing and graphics they have not been in the forefront with the CAD (Computer Assisted Design) crowd. Engineers have tended to use equippment less graphical and more mathematically oriented but there are exceptions and this is one. He uses his G3 "Wallstreet" Powerbook with a large monitor for CAD work and has a G4 tower at home.

Welcome back to Tisdale John Jonasson.