Tisdale Town Square and Main street

FTLComm - Tisdale - August 18, 2004
This is truly a big project and like all projects you have to start somewhere and last Friday the town crew began slicing open the pavement in front of the Post Office as the sidewalk area from the building to the main street will be widened considerably and angle parking will become available right in front of the building.

Quite simply downtown Tisdale is going to a very different place and everyone will have some discomforted adjusting to change, that's just the way life is as we all like routine and reorganising the middle of town is a big change.

Besides the establishing of the park/square concept on both sides of main street the whole
look of things from the Memorial Park to the SAAN store will be lined with trees, new even sidewalks made of brick installed at the original height, restoring the loss and shrinkage during dry years.

Each corner will get a widened area with flower pots and park benches. These corners will be protected by sturdy bollards to prevent vehicles from cutting the corners.

Essentially, a very European, perhaps British look will be established with short ornate street lamps.

The first part of the project has been SaskPower installing the extensive underground wiring needed for all of the small short street lamps. Each of these set on a concrete pedestal The first block from the town office to the
Bank of Montreal should be in place by Friday and this will allow the Saskatoon contractor to begin the work on the curbs. Though the town had planned to use local contractors they were all to busy to handle this big project.

In the weeks to come the main street will be mostly closed and traffic diverted so that workmen can remove the old sidewalks, SaskPower can install the light standards and the new curbs built. The curbs will actually have a lip extending into the street and then the paving crew will put new pavement on the curb edge to finish the street.

Each day I have added to the pictures as the project progresses and the twenty-two images below show how things have moved along as they are in chronological order with the last eight being taken just this afternoon. To see these pictures in their full ten inch wide size just click on the first one and then you can move through the collection with the arrows at the bottom of each page.

As the work proceeds do your best to not drive through the barriers the workmen will be attending to their tasks and will not be expecting cars moving around where they are working.

A good display of the plans are posted on the wall of the Credit Union.

Timothy W. Shire


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