Tisdale begins work on a new water treatment plant

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday , May 16, 2006


Tisdale has never taken the quality of its water system for granted and during the ten years we have lived in the community we have been constantly made aware of the determination the local government has had to make sure that its water supply is safe. The problems with water in Walkerton, Ontario and in North Battleford have brought drinking water safety issues to the forefront and communities across the country have increased their awareness and levels of caution.

While Tisdale has a safe and secure water supply it also has been faced with the stress of possible shortages and if the community is to remain a viable


industrial and residential community it must upgrade its water system. The costs of looking after its own needs or going in with the shared rural water system had to be weighed and it was decided that be best alternative for the community was to continue to provide for itself with its own resources.

As a result Tisdale residents who had for decades enjoyed very low cost water, were suddenly facing rapidly rising rates, rates of about 100 times more than inflation.

On Monday work began on the new expanded and fully


modern water treatment plant for the community. Located across the street from the present water treatment plant and above the Doghide River the excavation for the project is one of the largest in the history of the town.

Chupa Excavation began the project removing the soil from the site and stockpiling it nearby for use in landscaping the project when the construction is completed.

The general contractor for the project is Miner Construction of Saskatoon.

In the picture on the right you


can see the laser device used to maintain a level surface at the bottom of the excavation. In the video clip you will see a worker actually using a measuring stake to see that the correct level is being maintained. (The video clip requires the current version of QuickTime to be viewed, if it does not play download the latest version) .

As this project continues we will keep you posted on its developments with images and perhaps more video.



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