Monday's Holes

FTLComm - Tisdale
June 21, 1999

From one end of town to the other it seems that the ground is being disturbed. On the far North West section of town the new subdivision is getting some of its new streets built. The back alleys have been excavated and now work is

progressing on taking out the surface material to fill in the street areas with gravel. This part of the project only includes those streets with water and sewer services installed but the plans for this area include a whole system of streets.
Meanwhile on the South side of town this project is under way to install street curbs on a raodway past the Venice House down to the RecPlex as part of the paving and parking improvement project in this part of the community.

These pictures were taken at about 8:30 this morning and things were moving at a brisk pace as digging holes seems to be one of those things that signals the beginning of a work week.
Last Monday morning the town crew openned up a hole in highway #35 as they began a project to run a water line down the street just North of Wicks confectionary and car wash. They got across the highway, restored water to Wicks and shut
down that project last Monday afternon. But today they are back with a vengence as you can see they are digging right along as this water line installation project is expected to take about a week of digging and pipe installing.

This morning's dull lighting conditions was not conducive to elegant pictures. The threat of possible rain could shut all of these projects down quite effectively. The street construction project has been hampered by the wet conditions and only now is the work area ready.