FTLComm - Winnipeg - July 5, 1999

This impressive machine, with its name on the side "Super sucker" began the day on Waterloo Street as its work crew sent probes down the sewer line in preparation for a refinishing of the interior of the line. This is one truly large vacuum cleaner.

The process involves first clearing the line of any debris and material that might include collapsed walls of the installed pipe. Then once that task is completed the line may be bored with a cleaning mechanism to smooth things out. This is then followed with a plastic liner being inflated down the line and then a sealant is pumped in between the new liner and the line pipe walls creating a slick and almost new sewer line.

This idyllic looking house is one of those in the neighbourhood and with this morning's sun on it I thought
it would look good on this page.

The constant upgrading and renewing of the infrastructure of a community is one of the most important cost saving programmes that can go on. By keeping things up the over all cost of having to rebuild and replace are drastically reduced and those elements of the community can be pushed to lifetimes way beyond the original design or intended extent they would have been expected to perform the service. One of the problems of North America is so much has been built with such a short life time in mind.