Get the Street

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 2, 2001
With the sewer repair crew now moved to the South side of town traffic disruptions were getting just a bit better this morning in downtown Tisdale, well that was until it came time to get the street.

It only seems a matter of time until every place is dug up once again. Tisdale's town crew are a busy bunch and keeping thing running is their business which we all know they do very well but one way or another there are times when there is no alternative to putting a big hole in some pavement.

Today two victims, between the Pro Hardware and the Beeland Co-op service station a new excavation was begun and while that was just getting under way a team started to make some repairs to the intersection near the Beeland Co-op store. Fortunately for the street this is a shot at making the driving surface better.

We have no word yet on paving work this summer if you happen to hear what's going down pass it on.