FTLComm - Tisdale - August 28, 1999

Looking North down the almost deserted main street Friday at noon with the street blocked off in both directions as yet more holes are being made. Yesterday it was SaskEnergy's turn to put a new line under the railway tracks and Friday they were still completing that job as can be seen in the picture below. But Friday also saw SaskPower slice through Main street this way and that.

Both companies had been aware of the paving project for the street and had lost of time to get their work done. The repaving of main street is
to begin Monday and both
SaskEnergy and SaskPower left their modifications until the day before the project was to begin.

It was pretty funny at noon hour with the traffic blocked off from LaCroix drugs South as the sidewalk and curbing crew were at work in that area, then SaskPower by the Royal Bank and SaskEnergy at the railway track. All the town foreman could do was shake his head
and set up barricades The paving company will actually disrupt traffic less then these projects carried out on Friday. They
will begin by filling in the low spots, then will work their way up and down the street doing first one side then the other.

Merchants are all positively hopeful the work will be done before harvest is over as this is their best time of the year and need the street to be usable.